2023 Friday 17th of March

A Constellation of Ecologies

Exhibition booths in poplar wood for the industry of recycled building waste followed a study on Platonic shapes and the Nonagon - the Science Center in Azores - and a nine side solid in 3d.

A matrioska of structural exoskeleton in shale stone powder and inner enveloping elements in repurposed plastic from electrical wiring waste suddenly enlightens. A womb and a whale.

To materialize the geometry of a future house, a shark, a drone or a car calls for the sudden revisit of Padre António Vieira's 'Sermon to the Fish' (urging the unbiased relation between arriving humans and indigenous in Brasil), here as a 'Sermon to the Waste from the Building Industry': "all aboard!".

Another thought is that people shouting to save the planet are on an extreme selfish endeavor. One should always thrive to save at least a galaxy, plus some neighboring ones. As a matter of community values. Shared philosophy. Here's the Milky Way as a cause to turn green, and as ethics of inclusiveness of the unknown (hello Humboldt! ça va Sloterdijk?) also save the near galaxies Small and Big Magellan Clouds (if not for the namesake of the Portuguese sailor).

2022 Friday 21st of October

Under the Weight of Light'ness

The recycled concrete weights for solar panels at a public building in St. Michael, Azores, were installed.
Part of a project for an experiment in green roof recipes with local earth, gravel, plants and two methods of watering, the first part was to design a base for solar panels that wouldn't need to be fixed on the roof structure, being a flexible repeatable model for any kind of roof or ground installation.

2022 Tuesday 22nd of February

The Interior Garden of Memory House in Francelos work advances

After the treated roof the new interiors start to gain form, anchors to the rooms. Over the concrete slab that leaves the stone walls visible, the room partitions in wood are instaled.

2021 Friday 19th of November

Mirífica Medusa — Pavilion for the 10th anniversary of Fibrenamics in Guimarães

We created a sculpture that multiplies and expands a vision of the future, a floating ellipse of fiber and fabric, in accessory and dream. It depicts the continual movement of scientific materials, past and future, by projecting possibilities for the growth of materials and sectors of activity. The imagination is sparked. A cave and floating are two concepts that come to mind. The alteration of materials, science, and study categories, as well as human progress, are all collected here in a gesture that suggests future stages. A transparent, all-encompassing fiber form that supports and enhances Fibrenamics' numerous branches of activity.

As if it were a flying cloth, an ancient sea creature, a future airplane, a leaf, or an original cottage from a sci-fi film.

2021 Friday 22nd of October

Under the Compression of Light - sculptor atelier finnished building

The building works finnished at the farm in Rabo de Peixe where the sculptor Isabel lives. A drink was shared during a visit with photographer Paulo Goulart to prepare a photo shoot.

2021 Monday 23rd of August

Chapel of Eternal Light Nominated for the Premio Internazionale di Architettura Sacra Frate Sole, VII Edizione

In 2020, the funerary Chapel was nominated for the Frate Sole Foundation's Premio Internazionale di Architettura Sacra in Pavia, Italy.
Former winners include Ando, Siza, Meyer, Pawson, Undurraga, and Moneo. With 16 years of on-site apprenticeship, we have already won. We made that vision a reality with the help of the residents of Ponta Garça.

2021 Monday 15th of March

From the Depth of the Sea into Heaven's Mouth - Sushi Restaurant in Lisbon

The interior design for an existent vaulted building inbetween high-rise residential blocks called for a "shiny interior and a neon, to be seen from the passing Avenida Brasil". With the conclusion of the warm blue neon, same as the sofa and chairs, contrasting with the previously installed brass leaf on the ceilings, brass sheets on walls, brass balcony and tables and brass light fittings the restaurant is ready.