Arch & Orchid Hotel

    Project for a Hotel


    Macau, China

The grammar for the composition of the space is the relationship between the existing reality and the new imagined one, including axial, natural, and constructed components.

A massive landfill was built between the islands of Macau and Cotai in south China to accommodate a new urban grid of hotels and casinos. Framed by the present airport, which was built a decade ago in a landfill facing China's mainland and the arrival at the Pearl River's sea, as well as the arrival at east Hong Kong. The location is the last plot at the end of the new central avenue, facing the stone hill and natural water pond that used to be the shore of Cotai Island, and a large round-oval existing structure to the north, which connects to the airport platform.


Kempinski + Ho

Project Leader

Bernardo Rodrigues




Isabela Falcão

Gordana Marjanovic

Tânia Lopes

Birge Yildirim

Filomena Nascimento


Carlos Lobão (3D)