Baths at the Center of the World

    Project for a public pool


    Rabo de Peixe, Azores

A series of small natural bays among the rocks on the north shore offers the children of Rabo de Peixe a place to bath, among the strong ocean currents and tides. The pool is to offer protection and safety from that dangerous north shore strength.

A natural arch on the stone promontory sets the location to the new surface of white concrete, with thee pools, one rectangular and central stage like for the adults and two whimsical shaped for the children set in accordance to a smaller bay underneath, framing the surf of the waves appearing as they meet the bay. The surface of concrete lifts from the floor, protecting the entrance, the changing rooms, and the bar/restaurant at the end and offering place to rest, climb and gaze the ocean and the bathers and the day progresses.


Council of Ribeira Grande

Project Leader

James Grainger




Pedro Mosca