Chapel of the Sky

    The eternal flow of reality

    Memorial Chapel


    Ribeira Quente, Azores

This memorial chapel, located on an island in the middle of the ocean, addresses the essence of the relationship between the inhabitants and the elements of nature.

Not only includes an abstract reverberation box for the growing of physical reality, but it also has a space for mourning the destruction and death caused by the fall of half a mountain over a small fisherman village. The sun route enters the golden leafed patio, which is open to the sky, from the south. Water from the mountains enters via the side chapel, which is encased in blue-tinted glass, and runs through the floor gaps, allowing light to pass through.
The ceilings of churches used to be painted with peaceful angels depicted in timeless tranquillity among fixed clouds and frozen glaring sunlight. The eternal flow of reality, night and day, in the slow passage of matter is proposed here.


World Council of Azores Houses

Project Leader

Laura von Dellemann