Chapel of the Sun

    Older people's church


    Povoação, Azores

In the highlands of Lomba do Carro, a new church was designed for an agrarian community. The island's first settlement is found southeast of St. Michael, in a vast natural basin that faces the sea.

A series of hills, stretching down like fingers on a towel from the mountain chain in the interior, receive the roads and clusters of buildings, eventually leading to the vila and the port. In one of these hills, Lomba do Carro, an agrarian settlement of primarily elderly people sought a new church. The cycle of crops and people is governed by the path of the sun throughout the day and year. The altar is this light traced across the inside basin in the form of a T shape cross.


Council of Povoação

Project Leader

Nelson Ferreira and James Grainger




Pedro Mosca

Olívia Antunes


HDP Paulo Fidalgo

Paulo Queirós de Faria


Ana Fortuna​