Flight of Birds House

    House for a family



    Rabo de Peixe, Azores

The home is on S. Michael Island in the Azores, on the north side. The first architectural idea was to block the wind with a wall and provide a variety of patios and covered courtyards to protect against rain, given the microclimate of this farmland.

A transient look, like a childhood recollection that pops up out of nowhere. Planetary wisdom, the sun in the south, the wind and the cold in the north.
I recall a peasant who, every day after harvesting, lies down on the ground and fantasizes about the sea and all the fish (churn).

“Matter instructs space on how to bend, and space instructs matter on how to move.”
— Einstein, Albert

There are individual rooms on the upper floor that are more enclosed and sheltered. The typology is based on a Palladian and Scamozzi core plan, with a double-height living room and two lateral wings enclosing one of the kitchens.
The house also has high chimneys from popular residential architecture, a covered indoor patio, and circulation for the first floor and to the roof terrace in the other wing. Light entrances from the south end these two wings. The roof provides a spectacular view of the island's north shore.


Pedro Correia and Graça Rodrigues

Project Leader

James Grainger and Nelson Ferreira




Pedro Mosca

Natacha Viveiros


Ye Xuanyong

Vasco Melo

Laura von Dellemann

Alexandra Balona

Adriana Massague

Rita Breda

Ana Soares

Jessica Silva

Sofia Cordeiro

Raquel Fernandes

Elena Archipovait

Marcello Zahr


HDP Paulo Fidalgo


Ana Fortuna


Couto & Couto


Iwan Baan

Fernando Guerra FG+SG