Gravity Grace is My Lightness

    Study in the motion of water

    Watermill renovation and new cafeteria


    Ribeira Grande, Azores

The objective is to grab control of the main narrative on the site, which outlines the history of human habitation on these islands.
Following storms and downpours, powerful floods extract and redeposit anything along the territory, including trees, enormous stones, cattle, and abandoned ruins all across the city and out into the ocean.

The water from the rain and springs descends from the heights of Lagoa do Fogo in central St. Michael Island, giving the name Ribeira Grande to the principal settlement on the north shore.
The “countess mills”, a series of water mills implanted on the riverbanks at the city's entrance, tell the story of how lands, harvests, and natural forces summoned within the seasons were used to break people's fasts and prepare the everyday bread of various seeds and plantations. One of these mills will be renovated to feature a café over a bakery as part of the project. As though the storm had rolled a slew of massive boulders down the river.


Manuel Pinheiro's Family João and Vanessa Silva Pinheiro

Project Leader

Francesco Ugolotti


Approved by Ribeira Grande council in 2015


Giacoma di Vieste

Rafal Sliwa

Luís André Correia




Carlos Tavares