How to Build an Island

    Úterus Azorica



    São Miguel, Azores

The exhibition was hosted at Arquipélago Contemporary Arts Center under the curatorial guidance of Bernardo Rodrigues with the purpose of renewing and reimagining the archipelago's endogenous resources.

As part of the Use&Abuse contest, an initiative of PICA – Creative Industries Platform of the Azores, with the goal of reinventing endogenous resources such as rocks, fibers, sole, and wood, ensuring their sustainable use and shaping them into something other than the obvious, the exhibition showcase the works by the winners and participants of the four design competitions organized by the LREC to promote Azorean rock, wood, soils and fibers.

The show highlights a chain of relationships and resonances between the raw materials and their extraction, working with them while summoning their history and associated know-hows, delivering them into the world of science, academia and advanced industries in a visionary and intelligent dance. An alphabet of survival and prosperity.


The Section entails the occupation of the Archipelago's 24 silos as an algorithm of influences spread through works, projects, photography, thoughts, and installations by authors who, through their diversity, multiply visions and amplify possibilities by proposing a polyphony of a world of resonances.

Works on display

Sam Baron – Asentar, 2019
Winner Rocks
Square stool; Long bench 1; Long bench 2; Chaise longue; Round stool; Basalt

Sónia Soeiro – Toothbrush, 2019
Winner Fibres
Composite material reinforced with ginger lily fibre and polyamide (filaments)

Caterina Plenzick and Katrin Krupka – Endogenous, 2019
Winner Soils
Pozzolan, lime, water and casein

Gonçalo Campos – Wine Rack, 2019
Winner Wood works

Filipa Silva – Picoruto, 2020
Honourable Mention Rocks

Ana Rita Campos and Sónia Domingos – Dropper, 2019
Honourable Mention Fibres
Composite material reinforced with ginger lily fibre


Works on display

Samuel Beckett — image from EndGame.
Pedro Costa — postcard of Vitalina Varela.
Peter Sloterdijk — Excerpt from Spheres.
Hartmut Rosa — Resonance Excerpt.
Anne Sexton — Excerpt of poem “In Celebration Of My Uterus”.
Claudia R. Sampaio — Poem “We do not understand the resonance of these people in our chest” p. 20 See in the Dark.
Valerio Romão—excerpts pag. 20 and 54 from Falling In.
Alberto Carneiro — Catarina Rosendo’s film, Olga Ramos “Hardly what inhabits near the origin leaves the place”.
Vera Mota — A certain failure, 2017.
Ani Schulze — Flint House Lizard movie, 4K video, sound, 15 min, 2019.
Pedro Bandeira: Paradise with Luca Martinucci and Filipe Alves (18:25 Digital Contractors).
URSA — Alexandre Delmar, Luís Ribeiro da Silva, Margarida Quintâ: “Notes from the Underdog”, Porto, with texts by Yehuda Safran and Joaquim Moreno.
Basalt Olivina, quarry Heirs Agostinho Ferreira Medeiros e and photos Raquel Sá.
João Correia Rebelo, early 20th century modernist architect, several Ponta Delgada buildings.
Paulo Gouveia, arch, image museums Pico.
Barão-Hutter Atelier, Arruda Bay Winery – Pico. Secluded Stillness / Away from Who Speaks by Miguel C. Tavares, Tiago Costa. Produced Ana Resende.
(double) — Amilcar Vasques-Dias. Sophia A-MARIS piece (11 ‘20’ ‘) electroacoustic piano + soundtrack. / Joana Nieto Pimentel, Play Ink with Time.
(double) — Rafael Carvalho — Viola da Terra, Relheiras theme. / Liliana Lopes – 1996 sculpture image with basalt stone and trash.
Miolo — Mário Roberto and Vitor Marques, foliage prints, gardens.
Herbarium — Manuel Moniz— Photos by Carlos Olyveira.
Iwan Baan, photo of buildings on land, Africa.
Valter Vinagre, pictures S. Miguel 2019, Third 2017
(double) — Dafne — André Tavares “The legs are not just for walking”, booklet 4. / Pierrot Le Fou, Susana Lourenço Marques, Bruno Figueiredo, P. Bandeira, Dulcineira dos Santos — issue “2 ½ In the wind curve — Manuela dos Campos.
Maria Rita Pais, Luis Santiago Baptista—Book and exhibition “Travel to the Invisible” with films by Nuno Cera.

video of “In Crete with the Minotaur”— Jorge de Sena read by Mozi Neri.


LREC - Regional Laboratory of Civil Engineering - Director Eng. Francisco Fernandes

Project Leader

Francesco Ugolotti