Mask & the Mirror House

    A first project for the site of creation of Opacity house


    Ponta Delgada, Azores

The desire was for the home to be openly gathered on the bottom level, with a view of the ocean and beach. On the top levels, there's also a requirement for security and seclusion. Inside the mask, there's an inner pool, an open reflecting pool that lets light in.

The context of a corner site with the ocean in front, the beach (praia pequena do Pópulo) at west with the sublime view offerings and extravagance of the sunset, having to the east side and back similar plots with houses made the approach to the project to be tectonic in height, creating displaced platforms from where to hide or climb. Reflection and gaze. Mask and Mirror.
This game of half levels, learning from the theatrics of Loos, the frame of views and light composing the inner social relations in the house as enclosed public space, balances the need to protection from the elements and the desire to see and be in communion with others and the exterior when placid, reverberating the character or the client, flamboyant yet reserved. Also to promote an otherwise too displaced relation of spaces and volumes, between the undercover living spaces downstairs and the living and rooms with the pool upstairs.


Carlos Santos

Project Leader

Raquel Castanheira




Pedro Silva

Marcello Zahr

Elena Archipovait

Raquel Fernandes

Jessica Silva

Alexandre Loureiro

Alexandra Balona

Ana Soares

Rita Breda