Myth & the Mountain House

    House for a young couple


    Lousada, Portugal

The program includes the house, a library, private office, and storage, as well as a gym and clothing treatment area, as well as a pool in the middle.

The following site was purchased by the young couple close to their contemporary suburban house north of Porto. A falling mount of soil and trees was left on the location by a hill behind the row of dwellings. The mount's memory and geometry are recalled. An inner maze is suggested, as well as a sense of ground, shade, literature, and wine and cigar storage. Clean linens and the vapor of a cooked meal from the pool. The smile of ease. The skin on the tips of your fingers reacts to the amount of time you spend in the water.


Renzo e Carla Barsotti

Project Leader

Francesco Ugolotti


Eduardo Magalhães

Fernando Ferrão