Opus Lusa

    Small farm house for a young couple.


    Biscoitos, Terceira, Azores

A little farm house project for a young couple to live in. The location contains two platforms, one of which has a large rock formation on it. The house is built around a rock formation's water tank for collecting rainwater. The picture of half a mountain sinking into the north Atlantic ocean is then proposed.

This house on the north shore of Terceira Island is inside a little farm with fruit trees.
An upper platform with a rock mound is the base for the neighbor plots of expanded land of pasture with grass that slowly ascends into the center with a forest at the middle of Terceira, the higher part of the island.
This almost mysterious ascending movement, long fields in green grass, filled with cattle and the sounds and normal life of animalia in an island in the middle of the ocean propose a human mechanism as a house that adjusts and responds to these pastoral evolving and cycles of skies, clouds, temperatures, storage and source, fountain, nourishment to crops, fruits trees and animals, the story of water. (as the Romans left us in stone and channels in Giunone).


Mª Gabriela Martins and António Antunes

Project Leader

Francesco Ugolotti




Raquel Castanheira

Isabela Falcão

Isabel Ramos