The Echo and the Circle of Time

    House in Furnas Lake


    St. Michael Island, Azores

A residence on the lip of a volcano overlooking Furnas Lake will always conjure up images of dreaminess, nature, the subconscious, and the obviously sublime.

This creates a “Echology”, a self-feeding loop of voices, natural refractions inside human characteristics. The mind, the body, and memory are all intertwined.
When facing the lake reflecting the night sky and stars, or the daily cloud procession and the chiaroscuro apparatus of light lucernarium in between cloud forms and rain showers, one talks to oneself from the past and the future.
A home as a “Memoriometer”, an Echo machine-organ. History, dreams, and wishes are encased in a radar and an acoustic shell (the inner shiver, the outer joy).


Mónica Oliveira Paulo Garcia

Project Leader

Francesco Ugolotti




Katarzina Malinowska


Valter Vinagre