The Fragmentary Nature of Truth

    House in Pópulo Beach


    St. Michael Island, Azores

The composition of islands conjures a feeling of pleasure and disturbance in matter. Over an Athens of sea water, a molting stone Acropolis.
The house for a family of five children is located in front of praia do Pópulo's wide tapestry of dark sand, on a strip of dark basalt stone that separates the lush green of the Island from the Atlantic Ocean.

When the first settlers arrived, they discovered a Centaur and Minotaur toasting on the beach, with glasses and bottles spilled from behind, between the rocks and the sand.
Poseidon stood in the water, cold and distant, watching the grandson and the horseman.
Ariadne and Theseus grinned distractedly in their varied activities on the mountain above, behind a waterfall. One was reading comments in a newspaper while shining light through the river, while another was throwing paper planes down the mountain from the pages of Milton's Paradise Lost.


Maria João Carreiro and Ricardo Pacheco

Project Leader

Francesco Ugolotti




Katarzina Malinowska


HDP Paulo Fidalgo


Valter Vinagre