Under the Compression of Light

    Sculptor Studio


    Rabo de Peixe- St. Michael Island, Azores

The breath of creation pervaded the house, which was suddenly brimming with her tools and work. The sculptor needed to add a compact atelier to her home. Within the farm compound, there is a new work space linked to the kitchen with two ovens, an archive, a reception area for clients, and a showroom and workshop area.

The upper south skylight, which drops in the wall, enters the space, pushes the north limit wall out, and exits through a cascade of light, creating the “light fall” window frame from which Belinha will work overlooking the garden, grew from a new door opened in the kitchen, and was subjected by the upper south skylight, which drops in the wall, enters the space, and pushes the north limit wall out and exits through a cascade of light.
The building method, rustic and man-made with a team of three: Marco, his father-in-law, and a young helper, reflects the site's tactile and rugged character. Textures will be assumed in its crude finishing outside with continuous and curving pouring marks of the single daylong concrete fill, glowing then inside, as a repository of a rich and elevated softly telling treasure, similar to the rocks and sections along the coasts and cliffs of the Azores, isolated in a remote part of the middle island. Refracting its future miraculous thoughts and stories, treads from a future salvation, a pleasant and pacified smile from a past doom A diamond that is both present and quiet.


Isabel Silva Melo

Project Leader

Francesco Ugolotti




Katarzina Malinowska


Isabel Ponte


Pedro Câmara


Marco Oliveira


Valter Vinagre