Voyage to the Beginning of the World

    Viewpoint area


    Sete Cidades - St. Michael - Azores

The “Vista do Rei” perspective on the rim of Sete Cidades volcano is the epitome of nature's forces at their most epic and beautiful. For generations, the view of the inner lakes, one green and the other blue, has enriched local legend.

The view from the south shore of the island, with the city of Ponta Delgada and all the settlements along the shore, helps to explain not only the natural formation of the islands, with volcanic explosions and lava canals gaining new land to the ocean, but also the enduring difficulties and resilient appropriation made by men over the centuries to survive.
The prismatic disjunction created by the unexpected meeting of lava with the ocean, hardening in geometric designs found all across the Azores, mostly in caves along the coastlines, is used to tell this survival story.
As the most well-known sight on the Azores, it is only reasonable that visitors can enjoy and observe this ancient natural formation game in the most comfortable and environmentally friendly manner possible. "As if nothing had ever been built and touched by men before," the brief said.
In the previous few decades, this scene has changed dramatically, with too many obvious man-made constructions.
It's time to shift back to a mentality of respect, built modesty, and natural joy.
A new visitor entrance for the Azores, featuring a view from deep inside the earth.
A journey to the origin of the world.


Azores Government

Project Leader

Francesco Ugolotti




Giacoma di Vieste

Katarzyna Malinowska

Luis André Correia



Pedro Nunes